This is Petra & Phronesis

Petra – means stump of stones or rock with deeper rooting into the earth hence difficult to get rid of and strategic for foundation with the appropriate know-hows.
Phronesis is the just mindset – its peculiarity includes the incorruptibleness of it and iconic for its immunity to decadence hence it’s a hideout for success for us as a corporation that has acquired or engaged such.
At Petra & Phronesis we consult phronesis in its extra-ordinary amplitude of comprehension across divers industries in vast array of perception across all works of life: from Business Start-up consultancy to Project Management Consultancy, from Operations Management to Operations Optimization Analysis and also on Grass Root Product Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading strategic business consultancy and ‘go-to’ idea implementation (Start-up Consultant), provisioning the actualization of the business intent of clients through strategic involvement.

Our Mission

The mission Petra & Phronesis is to walk upcoming business owners through building and rolling out their business idea. We give and bring life to ideas particularly in an era and country where business integrity is at stake, we have dared to be the exception to norm.

We have the sunesis of how a business can and should be model or remodeled. We know how and where to start. We are able to do this and generously relinquish the stir wheel and control to the business owner.