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ASI FrontDesk

A simple but robust application that does the job well, make the savings on investments and enforce the compliance of operational segregation of duties. ASI FRONTDESK (ASIFD) as it is called features so many important modules aspects of operations and give assurance of accountability and effective management of all aspects of day-to-day hotel operations.

This solution is one of our efficient “own-it-tools” delivered to address specific needs or concerns in the industry with no ridiculous recurring annual license fee.

  • Are you just starting a guest house, motel or hotel operations?
  • Do you want to up your game and LEAN your operations?
  • Are you seriously committed to making the necessary changes to achieved the aforementioned?

Fill out our order form to get a 21-day demo version download or Talk to us today to get a product adoption or migration package with full license refund full money back if not satisfied within 90 days evaluation period.

Hotel Management Services

Granted the capital is one great factor in getting a project like yours up but putting a competent team to execute and uncompromising delivering the project is the greatest accomplishment for a good idea.

Talking early with those who know it would ensure the operation remains sustainable and of course profitable. We are Petra and we have Phronesis! Lets get your hotel open with you under our pre-opening consultancy services.  We have dared to be different.

What if this is not a new build hotel?

If you already run a hotel, guest house, motel or even hostels technology is a leverage but for assured trust, control and cost saving. Talk to us on how this can be a win for you simply by getting it right the first time and making it sustainable of the investment

Reach to us for what can be obtainable.

Managed Technical Services

When you need to fuse many ideals and thoughts together to form an integrated whole. When confidentiality matters be it pioneering, innovating or creating bespoke solution. We have indigenous team with global perspectives on subject matters you can count on us and the competencies of our team to provide out-sourced management services for short or long-term basis.

We engage such as occasion demand with a very budget friendly service package that is backed up with a service level agreement that respects the non-disclosures.

We handle post-deployment support services for many service providers, help-desk outsourcing and other technical managed services.